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July 15, 2017 by
Having a close relationship with your doctor may seem like a long lost notion these days, but it is certainly possible with a Direct Primary Care (DPC) plan.

When you offer this service to your employees, it allows them to not only have readily available access to their doctor whenever they need it, but it facilitates a more hands on approach that will supply them with a range of benefits.

In this article, we take you through those benefits and clue you in to why a DPC benefits package will make for happier and healthier employees.

The Benefits of Having a Hands-On Doctor with DPC

They’ll go to their annual appointments and then some

Yearly check ups are an important part of staying healthy, but are people actually receiving this care from one year to the next? A U.S. News study found that 92% of those polled noted this as an important part of their healthcare benefits package.

Luckily, with a DPC health care plan, patients are free to receive their annual check up as well as many other doctors visits in between. Because only 20 percent of the preventive health services provided in the United States are delivered at annual checkups (according to a study conducted by Slate), seeing the doctor often for screenings and preventative care is vital to one’s health.

Having a good relationship with one’s doctor makes them more willing to receive this frequent care and gives them a heightened sense of trust in their physician.

They’ll communicate more clearly

It can be intimidating for some to visit the doctor and to receive treatment, preventative care, and health screenings. Part of this is attributed to fear while others feel as though they can’t adequately communicate with their doctor because of a lack of a relationship.

Having a closer knit relationship between the two parties will allow for an ease of communication that makes the patient feel both comfortable and well informed at all times, also making it easier to ask questions that could be considered “embarrassing” or difficult to ask.

They’ll be healthier overall

Believe it or not, studies show that a positive doctor-patient relationship can actually have a positive effect on a patient’s health. The journal PLOS One conducted this study, finding that patients who reported working with a doctor with a good bedside manner or having a positive relationship are healthier overall.

This was particularly true in patients with conditions such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, and osteoarthritis. The effect of this relationship showed to have a similar impact to what a low-dose aspirin would have on pain, in fact. If that doesn’t show the relationship matters, we’re not sure what would!

The bottom line

The bottom line is that a positive doctor-patient relationship matters to the health and happiness of your employees. Providing with a DPC option through their work-provided health care benefits ensures that they have the ability to have these positive relationships, thus leading to happier employees that will do nothing but prosper at your company.

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