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June 19, 2017 by
Direct Primary Care is certainly on the rise, especially with healthcare costing more and more as time goes on. However, some may question whether or not DPC coverage is the right insurance move for a family.

If you are considering offering DPC as part of your benefits package for your employees, this is something you will want to delve into. After all, we know that you want to offer the best insurance options that are comprehensive and applicable for all of your employees, so considering families is especially important.

Keep reading to gain a clearer understanding of whether or not DPC is right for family coverage.

Is Direct Primary Care Good for Families?

It is a one-stop-shop

In many instances, Direct Primary Care can be a one-stop-shop for 80-90% of what people need to see a doctor for – including the whole family.  Years ago, having a “family doctor” was extremely common. However, in recent years, it has become less and less common for that to be true.

With Direct Primary Care, families can again have the same doctor – for both parents and children. This adds a new level of convenience to the lives of families, as it allows them to avoid running around from one doctor’s office to another when appointments are needed for multiple family members.

It provides families with highly personalized care

DPC physicians are known to give personalized customized care as they have less patients and, thus, more time to focus on each individual patient. This is a great benefit for families, especially those with small children.

Particularly for families with babies or growing kids, receiving personalized care and an abundance of attention can be helpful to parents who have many questions and are intricately involved in the health and well-being of their child – and, to be honest, what parent isn’t?

These doctors have invested interests in their patients and they get to know them backwards and forwards, and they’re endlessly committed to providing each family member with the best care, putting parents’ minds at ease.

It allows for 24/7 care

Kids don’t operate on a 9-5 schedule, and with DPC coverage, your doctor doesn’t either. One of the many benefits of being a part of a DPC is that doctors are available almost all the time, reachable by text, phone, or email.

This allows parents to quickly and easily get in touch with their family doctor, getting the advice they need to start treating their child immediately in the event of an illness.

This peace of mind means the world to a worried parent and can make a big difference in helping children get better as soon as possible. This means less work missed for parents and a happier and healthier family.

Offering DPC as a benefit to your employees can enhance their family life in monumental ways. Healthcare is one of the most important thing in the lives of many, and this is particularly true for families with children that need to be diligently cared for by doctors.

Consider offering DPC healthcare to your employees and give us a call to learn more about the options.

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