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September 8, 2017 by
As a business leader, you’re always looking for ways to attract new talent and to keep your current employees satisfied. After all, without great people supporting and driving forward the mission of your organization, you won’t have a successful business or be able to turn a profit.

One way to make recruiting and hiring a breeze and to retain the talent that you have inside the walls of your company is to offer a supreme benefits package. To do this, you have to stay up on the latest benefit trends, and, believe us, it’s a world that’s constantly evolving and changing. This is a challenge for all HR departments, but we’re here to help make it easier on you.

One new and innovative benefit that is in high demand is access to a Direct Primary Care (DPC) healthcare plan. DPC is a model where patients pay a monthly retainer that grants them unlimited access to care from their primary care physician. This model removes insurance companies from the equation, meaning that patients do not deal with any medical bills or co-pays.

It’s a simplified model that is worth learning about, especially as an employer. DPC is a cutting-edge new benefit that can be offered to your employees, and we’ve curated a list of spots for you to utilize to get to know more about this phenomenon. Keep reading to learn where you can gather this knowledge.

DPC Journal

This is a site for DPC doctors to use as a resource, but it’s a great site for you to frequent as an employer to learn about how the model works and what its priorities are. Articles highlight low wait times for patients at these doctor’s offices, the use of technology at these practices, statistics around DPCs across America, and an abundance of information that is interesting and informative.

DPC Frontier

This site is dedicated to promoting DPC and explaining why it’s such a great form of medical care in the U.S. Since this healthcare model is still currently on the rise, sites like these are important to the growth of the practice as well as its development. As a business leader, you can utilize the information on this site to learn about the DPC regulations and laws in your state and to keep up with the growth of this healthcare option over time.

From us!

We are a great resource to help you learn about DPC and how it can be an advantageous benefit to offer your employees. Our blog, site, and expert staff serve to provide you with the information and tools you need to make informed decisions surrounding the practice.

We keep up-to-date on all the latest healthcare and corporate benefit trends, so we can paint the full picture of what your options are to you, and we can also help customize plans specific to the needs of your organization, goals, and employees.

We want to work with great companies like yours to ensure that you’re maximizing your employee satisfaction rates to save your organization money and to build your reputation.

Call us today to learn more and to start working with us to instill benefits such as DPC as well as many others!

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